Gain Control and Visibility
of orders with access to Real-Time data


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Automate your business and manage what matters: Your bottom line.

The Quantus ERP Solution is specifically designed for small to medium-sized manufacturing, distribution and service-based companies. Innovative and easy-to-use software implemented by a team of dedicated professionals will ensure you will see a quick ROI.

A tool that gives you what you need to control of your business and control your results.

title Q-Track

Collect information at the source of production to make it available instantly; everywhere.

Using touch screens, proximity ID cards and barcodes to record time and material directly from production employees.

Within seconds managers know the current status, exact cost, and location of all jobs within their company.


The touchscreen is easy to use, giving employees limited access to relevant operations for the job they are working on, which creates efficiency and reduces errors.

Recording job information takes seconds, allowing employees to get back to work quickly.

Front Office / Production Integration

Information recorded in Q-Track is integrated with purchasing, inventory, accounting and sales so managers know the current status, exact costing and location of all jobs.

Employee ID Card

Employee ID Card

Each production employee is issued an electronic ID card which is used to clock in & out of each shift, and each job.



With 100s or 1000s of jobs on the floor, barcodes are used to ensure the right job is started and worked on.

Design Drawings

Access design drawings on the production floor, ensuring the correct design and bill of material is being used.


Get invoices out fast, on the road using our mobile Q-Track system.


clock Scheduling

Work can be scheduled using the Theory of Constraint. Employees know what to work on and when. Maximize resource usage and production throughput.

Display Board

display Display Board

Job status information is available on display boards, so employees can see the big picture and where they need to focus their attention. The simple, but effective display board encourages teamwork and accountability.

display Dashboards

Dashboards are customizable for each user, allowing key employees to quickly spot trends as they emerge, drill down to greater detail, and make critical decisions fast.

display Reporting

Managers have access to reports and graphs to monitor where jobs are on the shop floor in real-time. The full customizable reports can be emailed and/or sent to mobile devices automatically.

display Material Planning and Inventory Control

You need to be ready for the unpredictable orders that are expected but not guaranteed while balancing cash flow and looking for purchasing-power opportunities. The Quantus ERP Solution gives you the tools to efficiently forecast future needs more accurately.

display Increase Marketing Effectiveness

Managers have access to reports and graphs to monitor where jobs are on the shop floor in real-time. The full customizable reports can be emailed and/or sent to mobile devices automatically.

display Shipping

Ensure the right orders are shipped on time. Automatically update inventory, WIP, and accounting.

display Mobility

All real-time reports and graphs can be accessed through your mobile devices, both in and out of the office.

display Integrated Online Sales

In today’s market, online sales is a must. Customers are looking for you online but yet many company’s have yet to take advantage of this sales avenue. Get ahead of your competition with Quantus’s Integrated Online Sales system. The system automatically receives online orders and cues them for production. Minimizing unnecessary order processing and manual data entry.

display Customer Service Management

Customer service requests and communications are managed in a controlled, predefined process.

display Integrated Accounting

The general ledger is updated automatically. Accounting staff can now focus on managing margins, not data entry.